Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Degaldoruwa Viharaya,Kandy


Degaldoruwa Viharaya is located at the village of Amunugama, 7km from Kandy.


Degaldoruwa Viharaya is set up on terrace of a low rocky outcrop into another rock mass rising to a height of 40 feet. Alongside the temple is an impressive belfry. The main chamber is created by creating a large cavity under a large granite rock A path carved of rock leads to a higher terrace where the Bo tree and the stupa is located.

Art and Architecture

Degaldoruwa Viharaya is a Cave Temple with Kandyan era Paintings and Architecture. The arch at the entrance painted in white is in sharp contrast with the murals. The rock cut chamber consists of two roofed antechambers: a drumming hall and an intermediate vestibule. Degaldoruwa Viharaya is a treasure trove of murals: the rock walls and ceilng are recognized as some of the best examples of the Kandyan era paintings.

Picture gallery of Degaldoruwa Viharaya

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